james cavallo
james cavallo
March 26, 2024
Went to Mid Valley Hearing Center for a exam the other day. The staff was kind, friendly and professional. I was in and out in know time, very pleased with there service. Can't wait to get my hearing aids.
Bret Gold
Bret Gold
March 15, 2024
Friendly, takes insurance.
Meghan West
Meghan West
December 20, 2023
Update...There was a recent change in ownership. I was hesitant to return with my 5 year old, because of the fantastic care we received suspecting the direction had changed. However the new owner is even more gifted in working with children with complex needs. I HIGHLY recommend the center. We look forward to our appointments! We were referred here from the educational service district when our 3 year old failed multiple hearing tests. The clinicians are comforting, engaging, and energetic. I highly recommend them!
John Hood-Fysh
John Hood-Fysh
November 2, 2023
A friend and I went to Mid-Valley Hearing Center to have new earmolds made and installed. Lindsay was fabulous. I wear hearing aids as well and asked about my brand and they did not service them but she did mention that they were going to be carrying Starkey products and my hearing aids are that brand and so I may be able to use their services as well. With almost 30 years of hearing aid wearing experience I was very impressed with Lindsay.
Anne Johnson
Anne Johnson
July 22, 2023
Dr Peterson is easy to work with and explains clearly. She is well versed in her field, up to date, and personable. I have referred friends to her. Tom Johnson
Deb Fell Carlson
Deb Fell Carlson
March 10, 2023
Excellent service. Professional, thorough...

Welcome to the Pix Theater in Albany, Oregon! Step inside and immerse yourself in a rich history of entertainment. With its vintage architecture and nostalgic atmosphere, the Pix Theater is a true gem in the heart of Albany.

Offering a wide range of film offerings, there is something for everyone here. From the latest blockbusters to independent films, you are sure to find a movie that suits your taste.

But the Pix Theater offers more than just movies. It provides an unforgettable movie-going experience. With comfortable seating, state-of-the-art sound system, and a friendly staff, you can relax and enjoy your favorite films in a safe and welcoming environment.

Whether you are a local resident or just passing through, the Pix Theater in Albany, Oregon is a must-visit destination. So grab your popcorn, sit back, and get ready for an incredible cinematic experience like no other.


A Rich History of Entertainment


You’ll be amazed by the rich history of entertainment at the Pix Theater in Albany, Oregon! This historic landmark has been a cornerstone of the local community for decades, providing a place for people to come together and enjoy a wide range of entertainment options.

The Pix Theater first opened its doors in 1925 and quickly became a beloved gathering spot for residents of Albany and the surrounding areas. Over the years, it has hosted a variety of events, including live performances, movie screenings, and community fundraisers. The theater’s grand architecture and charming interior design make it a truly unique and special place to visit.

In addition to its role as an entertainment venue, the Pix Theater has also been actively involved in the local community. It has partnered with various organizations to host events and fundraisers that benefit important causes in the area. Through its community engagement efforts, the theater has become a hub for bringing people together and fostering a sense of belonging.

Visiting the Pix Theater is a chance to experience a piece of history and support a local institution that values community engagement and safety. So, come on down and immerse yourself in the rich entertainment history the Pix Theater offers!

Vintage Architecture and Atmosphere


Step into a bygone era as you experience the charming vintage ambiance at the Pix Theater in Albany, where architectural marvels and a captivating atmosphere transport you to a different time.

The Pix Theater is a true architectural gem, adorned with artistic details that beautifully showcase past craftsmanship. From the intricately designed ceiling to the ornate moldings and fixtures, every corner of this theater is a testament to the rich history and attention to detail.

As you enter the theater, you’ll be greeted by a warm, inviting atmosphere that immediately envelops you in nostalgia. The vintage decor, complete with plush velvet seats and elegant chandeliers, creates an elegant and cozy ambiance. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy a classic film or live performance.

In addition to its stunning architecture, the Pix Theater also prides itself on its strong community engagement. The theater hosts regular events and screenings that bring people together and celebrate the arts. Whether it’s showcasing local talent or hosting film festivals, the Pix Theater is dedicated to providing a platform for artists and fostering a sense of community.

So step back in time and immerse yourself in the vintage charm of the Pix Theater. With its artistic details and commitment to community engagement, this historic venue offers all a unique and memorable experience.

A Wide Range of Film Offerings


You’ll be transported to a world of cinematic wonders as you explore the film offerings at the Pix Theater in Albany, Oregon. The theater hosts regular film festivals, showcasing the best of independent and international cinema. These festivals provide a platform for emerging filmmakers to share their unique stories and perspectives, offering a refreshing alternative to mainstream Hollywood films.

For those who appreciate the beauty of foreign cinema, the Pix Theater has a wide selection of films from around the globe. From French New Wave classics to contemporary Korean dramas, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in different cultures and experience the power of storytelling from a global perspective.

The theater also takes pride in its commitment to safety. With comfortable seating, spacious aisles, and state-of-the-art projection equipment, you can enjoy your movie without any distractions or worries. The staff is trained to handle any situation that may arise, ensuring a secure and enjoyable movie-watching experience for all.

Whether you’re a film enthusiast or simply looking for a unique night out, the Pix Theater in Albany, Oregon offers a wide range of film offerings that are sure to captivate and entertain. Come and experience the magic of cinema in a nostalgic and welcoming atmosphere.

An Unforgettable Movie-Going Experience


Prepare to be swept away by an unforgettable movie-going experience that’ll leave you in awe. The Pix Theater in Albany, Oregon offers a range of memorable screenings that are sure to captivate and entertain.

From the latest Hollywood blockbusters to indie films and classic favorites, there’s something for everyone at the Pix Theater.

One of the things that sets the Pix Theater apart is its unique concessions. Instead of the typical popcorn and soda, they offer a variety of gourmet snacks and beverages. Indulge in delicious treats like artisanal chocolates, freshly baked cookies, and locally sourced coffee. The theater also boasts a selection of craft beers and wines for those looking to enjoy a drink with their movie.

Not only does the Pix Theater provide an exceptional movie experience, but they also prioritize the safety and comfort of their patrons. With state-of-the-art sound systems and comfortable seating, you can fully immerse yourself in the film without any distractions. Additionally, the theater adheres to strict safety protocols, ensuring a clean and sanitized environment for all movie-goers.

Whether you’re a film enthusiast or simply looking for a unique and enjoyable night out, the Pix Theater in Albany, Oregon is the place to be. Experience the magic of the big screen with memorable screenings and indulge in the theater’s unique concessions.

Sit back, relax, and let the Pix Theater take you on an unforgettable movie journey.

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