james cavallo
james cavallo
March 26, 2024
Went to Mid Valley Hearing Center for a exam the other day. The staff was kind, friendly and professional. I was in and out in know time, very pleased with there service. Can't wait to get my hearing aids.
Bret Gold
Bret Gold
March 15, 2024
Friendly, takes insurance.
Meghan West
Meghan West
December 20, 2023
Update...There was a recent change in ownership. I was hesitant to return with my 5 year old, because of the fantastic care we received suspecting the direction had changed. However the new owner is even more gifted in working with children with complex needs. I HIGHLY recommend the center. We look forward to our appointments! We were referred here from the educational service district when our 3 year old failed multiple hearing tests. The clinicians are comforting, engaging, and energetic. I highly recommend them!
John Hood-Fysh
John Hood-Fysh
November 2, 2023
A friend and I went to Mid-Valley Hearing Center to have new earmolds made and installed. Lindsay was fabulous. I wear hearing aids as well and asked about my brand and they did not service them but she did mention that they were going to be carrying Starkey products and my hearing aids are that brand and so I may be able to use their services as well. With almost 30 years of hearing aid wearing experience I was very impressed with Lindsay.
Anne Johnson
Anne Johnson
July 22, 2023
Dr Peterson is easy to work with and explains clearly. She is well versed in her field, up to date, and personable. I have referred friends to her. Tom Johnson
Deb Fell Carlson
Deb Fell Carlson
March 10, 2023
Excellent service. Professional, thorough...

We’re excited to introduce you to a hidden gem in the culinary world – the Sybaris Bistroin Albany, Oregon. This unique dining spot, helmed by the talented Chef Matt Bennett, is a shining example of culinary innovation at its finest.

Sybaris isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a gastronomic adventure that promises to delight your senses. The bistro’s strong emphasis on using local, fresh ingredients ensures the quality and safety of every dish served.

We can’t wait for you to experience the cuisine that has made Sybaris a beloved destination for food lovers. It’s not just about eating; it’s about experiencing the passion and creativity behind every plate.

So, if you’re looking for a dining experience that’s safe, fresh, and innovative, we invite you to join us at Sybaris Bistroin. It’s a culinary journey you won’t want to miss.


The Chef: Matt Bennett


Matt Bennett, the culinary genius behind Sybaris Bistro, isn’t just a chef, he’s an artist in the kitchen, transforming the freshest local ingredients into edible masterpieces. We’ve had the privilege of watching as he creates innovative dishes that not only satisfy our stomachs but also our souls.

Diving into Bennett’s background, we see a rich tapestry of experiences that have shaped him into the culinary expert he is today. From his early days, he was always enamored with the art of cooking. Encouraged and guided by his influential mentors, he honed his skills and developed a unique approach to food. He prioritizes the use of local, organic ingredients, ensuring that we’re not only eating delicious, but also safe and healthy meals.

Under his competent hands, Sybaris Bistro has become a beacon of culinary excellence in Albany, Oregon. His dedication, talent, and commitment to creating a safe dining environment make every visit a comforting experience. We can’t help but admire the meticulous attention he gives to each dish, ensuring they are not only flavorful but also a safe choice for diners.

With Bennett at the helm, our culinary journey at Sybaris Bistro is always an exciting and secure adventure.


Culinary Innovation at its Best


At this culinary hotspot, you’ll discover a haven of innovative cuisine, where familiar flavors are reimagined and presented with a unique, sophisticated twist. At Sybaris Bistro, we’ve always believed in pushing the boundaries of traditional dining, creating an innovative menu that’s as adventurous as it is comforting.

Our innovative menu is a medley of unique pairings, blending unexpected ingredients to create a symphony of flavors that’ll surprise and delight your palate. We use local, seasonal produce to ensure the utmost quality and freshness.

Each dish is designed with care, reflecting our commitment to culinary innovation and our passion for creating unforgettable dining experiences.

Safety is our utmost priority, and we ensure that our food preparation and handling procedures adhere to the highest standards. We also cater to dietary restrictions, ensuring everyone can enjoy our culinary creations, no matter their dietary needs.

As you explore our menu, be prepared to embark on a gastronomic journey that’s as exciting as it is satisfying. So come join us at Sybaris Bistro, where innovation meets tradition and every meal is a culinary adventure.


Emphasis on Local and Fresh Ingredients


You’ll discover that our emphasis on sourcing local, fresh ingredients not only enhances the taste and quality of our dishes but also supports our commitment to sustainable practices. At Sybaris Bistro, we’re passionate about providing you with the safest and most flavorful dining experience. We believe that the secret to achieving this lies in our careful ingredient sourcing.

We take pride in crafting seasonal menus that capture the essence of the Pacific Northwest. Our chefs work closely with local farmers and suppliers to ensure we’re using the freshest, most vibrant ingredients available. These partnerships allow us to serve you dishes that not only taste extraordinary but also uphold the highest safety standards.

We understand that when it comes to food, safety is paramount. Rest assured, we’re fully committed to sourcing ingredients that are grown and harvested responsibly, minimizing the risk of foodborne illnesses. By dining with us, you’re not only indulging in culinary delights but also supporting a healthier, safer food ecosystem.

Our emphasis on local, fresh ingredients is a testament to our dedication to culinary excellence, sustainability, and most importantly, your safety. Experience the difference at Sybaris Bistro. Your taste buds will thank you. More


Why You Should Visit This Unique Dining Spot


Craving something extraordinary? This unique dining spot is a must-visit! Let us take you on a tour of Sybaris Bistro in Albany, Oregon, a venue that combines culinary excellence with a historic ambiance.

Nestled in a 19th-century brick building, it offers a rich blend of history and gastronomy, making it a safe haven for food lovers.

Despite its historical setting, Sybaris Bistro’s menu is anything but dated. Our team of culinary experts put a modern spin on traditional dishes, making every bite an unforgettable experience. We ensure the safety of all diners by strictly following health and safety protocols.

Not only do we offer a stunning range of dishes, but our wine selections are also something to marvel at. We source fine wines from both local and international vineyards.

Whether you’re a food enthusiast or simply looking for a unique dining experience, Sybaris Bistro has something for everyone. The combination of our historic ambiance, innovative menu, and exceptional wine selections creates an unparalleled dining experience you won’t find anywhere else.

So why wait? Head down to Sybaris Bistro and make your next meal a historic one!

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